Photo of lawmaker’s graduation gown is photoshopped

By Victor Mboya

Johnson Sakaja is a candidate to be elected governor of Nairobi in Kenya’s third general election since the 2010 constitution came into force. He represented Nairobi in the Senate until the body was adjourned in June 2022. 

Sakaja was cleared to contest the governorship after a protracted vetting process. Soon after he received the green light, a picture of the lawmaker was posted multiple times on Facebook. “BREAKING NEWS!! SAKAJA  Bachelor’s degree is genuine and valid. The commission of Uganda universities has confirmed,” one caption read.

The picture showed Sakaja wearing a graduation gown. We checked to see if the photo actually showed the Nairobi lawmaker graduating.

 A Google Reverse Image Search  of the picture showed that it was photoshopped. The original image comes from a Uganda-based Facebook page marketing graduation gowns. The man wearing the gown is not Sakaja.

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