The Kenya Editors’ Guild is the professional association for editors in Kenya, including senior print, broadcast and online editors, and scholars of journalism and media studies. The association and its members commit themselves to defend and promote media freedom and editorial independence; promote quality and ethical journalism; and provide a forum for sharing ideas and experiences that are critical in and for the media.

Objectives of the Guild

  1. To promote standards of journalism, the independence of media and to advise members on issues of practical and ethical concern.
  2. To represent members’ interests in all matters of editorial and professional concern and interest.
  3. To monitor legislation on matters affecting the news media either directly or indirectly and to make appropriate representations to Parliament, regional assemblies and other organisations and authorities at all levels of government and public life.
  4. To interpret legislation and advisory notices to members and other organisations.
  5. To provide a forum for the discussion and resolution of challenges facing editors and to promote the objectives of the Guild.
  6. To network with other professional organisations.
  7. To help improve the quality of journalism through active support of education and training.
  8. To represent Kenya’s editors regionally and internationally.
  9. To recognise and reward editorial excellence.


Membership is open to people holding senior editorial positions, people holding senior academic positions related to journalism and media studies, and people who have served the Guild or have in the past served in senior editorial positions in media.

There are two membership categories: ordinary and honorary.

Ordinary membership is open to:

  • Editors and editorial executives with the full responsibility of the editorial department and legal responsibility for the publications,
  • Deputy editors, assistant editors, chief sub editors, deputy chief sub editors or section editors who deputise for the editors,
  • News producers and news editors of radio and television stations,
  • Other editors in broadcasting stations with responsibilities for the editorial functions,
  • Heads of freelance organisations or foreign press bureau with responsibility for editorial content,
  • Lecturers in university or college departments responsible for journalism or media training,
  • Full members of the KEG or other suitably qualified candidates at the discretion of the Executive Council who have retired from full time control of the editorial function or responsibility for journalism training.

Honorary membership is offered to members of the Guild for their substantial contribution to the activities of the Guild or its objectives or in the media industry.

Note: Acceptance of the membership and allocation to a specific category will be at the discretion of the Executive Council. Members are required to pay a one-off registration fee, and an annual subscription fee which is due every January.

 Current fees

One-off registration: Ksh5,000

Annual subscription: Ksh6,000

Why be a member?

Being a member of the Kenya Editors Guild opens up doors for networking, training, sharing expertise with other members and contributing to improving journalism in Kenya through promotion of professionalism. It also provides opportunities for members to grow in their profession through the monthly Press Club and other meetings with leaders in various sectors in Kenya. Members also provide each other with professional support.

Kenya Editors’ Guild Constitution 2023