‘Nation’ digital card of Kioni criticising Igathe is fake

As Kenyans elect a new president in August 2022, voters in Nairobi, the capital will also be electing a new governor.

The race for Nairobi governor has seen the entry of former Deputy Governor, Polycarp Igathe. He has taken a very hands-on approach to campaigning that Twitter users have noticed. One photograph shows him sitting at a sewing machine, apparently hard at work.

A digital card apparently published by Nation Africa, a leading newspaper in Kenya, shows a politician, Jeremiah Kioni, criticising his run for governor. “Igathe is a total disaster. The intrigues he is engaging in have made him a completely out of touch political cartoon. We have a serious problem.” 

Kioni represents a central Kenya constituency in Parliament and is currently the secretary general of the Jubilee Party. Did he cast aspersions on Polycarp Igathe’s bid for governor ?

No link in QR code

The digital card has a QR code on the bottom right corner (‘QR stands for quick response’). Scanning this code using Google Lens did not reveal any hyperlinked Nation Africa stories, unlike genuine QR Codes that are published on Nation Africa’s social media pages. This is a clue that it could be false.

Nation Africa’s Twitter account posted a warning that the digital card is fake. “Please be advised that this card doing rounds on social media is fake. Do not fall for fake news,” the newspaper said.

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