Media Roundtable Meeting on Emerging Issues in the Media Industry-June 24,2023


Media leaders drawn from various media houses and journalism associations, converged to explore possible solutions for the problems facing journalism. This was during a media roundtable meeting held by the Media Council of Kenya at Chaka Ranch, Kiganjo, Nyeri on June 24, 2023.

Here is a summary of the Issues discussed;
1. Need to accord resources to strengthen the Kenya Media Sector Working Group
2. Establishment of a joint fact checking desk for the benefit of the industry
3. Rise of an unregulated citizen journalism. Online advertising is not regulated
4. Need to build a strong ethical culture across the media industry
5. How to make technology affordable and accessible to many players
6. Poor monetization on media products – hence it’s not easy to protect media when it comes to copyright
7. a) Need to engage the competition authority to strategize on how to engage the Big Tech
b) More investment in research
c) Research into the amounts of money accrued from advertising and how the media can get their share of the pie
8. More funding for research and training: Media Owners should consider investing in this
10. An unfair legislative environment, especially on advertising