Editors have joined hands with the health care sector to boost the war against Covid-19. The #SAA6 campaign encourages all to pause at mid-day to celebrate frontline workers in the war against Covid-19. Every day at noon, people are asked to pause to clap for health care providers, journalists, police officers and others on the frontline as a sign of solidarity with the important work they are doing.

The campaign is a joint effort of the Kenya Editors’ Guild, the National Nurses Association of Kenya, and the Kenya Medical Association.

How to get involved in #SAA6:

Every Wednesday at 12 noon sharp, wherever you are, pause what you are doing and for a minute, clap or honk your horn. All are encouraged to use this to signal their support and encouragement to frontline workers in the fight against Covid19. Take a video or photo and send it to your favourite medic, media worker, police officer or other frontline worker.

While launching the campaign, Churchill Otieno, President of Kenya Editors’ Guild said: “Finding credible information and delivering it to Kenyans is every journalist’s duty. That duty puts many journalists at risk, but it also helps many avoid burdening our health workers and hospitals with sickness. We celebrate professionals who selflessly continue to serve on the frontline, and ask the public to make their work easier by staying at home.”

President of the National Nurses Association of Kenya Mr. Alfred Obengo, said: “The campaign will impact the lives of health care workers by giving them morale and support which is crucial in dealing with the pandemic. Sometimes, just to hear someone tell you that you are doing a good job is all it takes. We depend on their conviction, no matter the circumstances, to treat us every day with their clinical excellence but also to deliver that care with compassion. As among those on the frontline of getting us through this pandemic, we need to shore up their resilience with our gratitude.”

President of the Kenya Medical Association Dr. Jackie Kitulu, while paying tribute to health care workers, commended the media fraternity for thinking about health care workers during this critical period. She said: “In line with the physicians’ pledge to dedicate our lives to the service of humanity, and from the bottom of my heart, I applaud each and every health care worker at the frontline of the Covid 19 battle.”

About the Kenya Editors’ Guild
The Kenya Editors’ Guild (KEG) is a not-for-profit professional organisation that brings together 170 senior print, broadcast, digital and other electronic media editors. It seeks to: defend and promote media freedom and independence in Kenya; promote quality and ethical journalism; provide a forum for the discussion of the challenges facing the media and editors; and to network with other professional organisation, among other imperatives.

About the National Nurses Association of Kenya
The National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNAK) is a professional association representing all cadres of nurses in Kenya drawn from practice settings, education and research institutions.  established in 1968, it is duly registered under Cap 108 of the laws of Kenya. We have branches in all the 47 counties across the country. We exist to promote excellence in nursing and midwifery practice.

About the Kenya Medical Association
The Kenya Medical Association (KMA) is a national professional association bringing together doctors and dentists in Kenya, mandated by its members to promote the quality practice of medicine in Kenya. It has the twin mission of advocating for doctors’ welfare and championing for quality healthcare for all. KMA holds a strategic position in health sector policy by being in membership of national decision-making boards for the practice of medicine and the protection of patients in Kenya.

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For more information please contact
Rosalia Omungo (KEG): +254-720-277-411
Dr. Liz Gitau (KMA): +254-726-552-437
Jemima Nyawira (NNAK): +254-726-916-302