Ignore tweet congratulating Ruto, David Murathe has no Twitter account

By Victor Mboya

Kenyans are waiting for votes to be counted in a close presidential election. Former prime minister, Raila Odinga and Kenya’s current deputy president, William Ruto are locked in a dead heat.

Odinga is leading the Azimio la Umoja coalition, while Ruto leads the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

Unlike in previous elections, this time the electoral commission has posted all the polling centre results for the presidential election on a website where the media and the public can download them.

Using this data, media outlets are running their own vote tallies. Members of the public are also contributing to a crowdsourced tallying exercise using the hashtag #TheCitizenTally2022.

 A social media user shared an image of an alleged tweet by David Murathe, the Jubilee party’s vice chairman, and claimed it showed Murathe admitting Ruto had won the election.

“Congratulations William Ruto. It’s time to show Mt. Kenya people who you truly are. President Uhuru and I will be playing with our Grandchildren while Ruto changes the Constitution,” the user tweeted.

Did Murathe actually tweet his concession? 

The official account of the Jubilee Party tweeted that Murathe does not have a social media account and attached to the tweet was the image of a recent tweet from the same account.

“Please note that the Jubilee Party Vice Chairperson Hon. David Murathe does NOT have any social media accounts,” the account tweeted.

UPDATE: We asked David Murathe about his social media accounts. He told us he has no Twitter account, but he does have a Facebook account that is “not active”. This means this Facebook account is fake. 

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