‘Corridors of Power’ page claiming IEBC has lost voter data is fake

By KEG Fact-checking

The march towards Kenya’s 2022 election progressed further in early June as the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, which manages elections in Kenya, cleared four candidates to contest Kenya’s presidency, while locking out many more contenders.

The commission is now preparing to vet candidates who wish to be elected members of the National Assembly, senators, governors, women representatives and members of county assemblies.

A post circulating on  Facebook and Twitter claims that the elections agency has lost the entire voter database, two months to the election, which is scheduled for 9 August 2022. 

 “Chebukati is sincerely done,he has to leave,” the post reads, accompanied with the hashtag #ChebukatiMustGo. Attached to the post is the front page of a publication called “Corridors of Power”, which refers to Facebook and Twitter accounts with the user name “@corridorsofpower”. 

“Corridors of Power” is the title of a column published by the Star Newspaper. However, the column does not have any article about IEBC losing voter data, and the newspaper itself has not published any stories about the elections agency losing data on all Kenya’s voters. 

Also, no account currently exists on either Facebook or Twitter with the username “@corridorsofpower”. The “Corridors of Power” newspaper front page is fake.

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