Upcoming Event: Media Side Track-Africa Climate Summit

The Kenya Editors’ Guild will host a side event during the Africa Climate Summit & Africa Climate Week 2023 taking place from 4-8 September in Nairobi.

The aim of the media track to promote information sharing to help editors and reporters understand better the key issues in the Africa Climate Summit.

The track will take place on Wednesday, September 6 from 11.00-11.45 am at Lenana hall, KICC Nairobi. Theme: Role of Media and Information Sharing in Climate Change Negotiations.

The session, which will bring together editors and experts in the climate negotiation arena, aims at breaking down the key issues in the climate change negotiations. The conversation will be key in synthesis of issues that will emerge from the summit and how they play out in the light of forthcoming negotiations.

What are negotiating positions of different countries, how will climate-financing affect the negotiations and what are our projections for the future? This understanding will go a long way in shaping content that the media will be churning out from the Summit and resulting in a more enlightened public.