KEG calls for an end to impunity on crimes against journalists.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed November 2nd as the ‘International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists”
The day is marked against a backdrop of increasing cases of violence against journalists. The risk is that most stories that need to be told might not see the light of day because of intimidation.
The President of Kenya Editors’ Guild Churchill Otieno says Governments in the region must take action to end impunity on crimes against journalists.


Independent voices in the media fraternity have come under intense and negative attention from the state. The situation cuts across the region. In Kenya for instance, not much journalism is happening in most county assemblies, because MCAs have made the assemblies a no go zone for journalists.



Absence of conviction for violence against journalists perpetuates a sense of impunity. People know that attacking a journalist is a crime you can commit but easily get away with.



KEG. President says anyone meting violence against journalists must be held to account
“An attack on one journalist is an attack against all journalists.”